Product Information

This page contains information for our base products such as; size, material and care instructions. 

Please consult the list below for specific information regarding your product.

Mirrors and Signs
Chopping Boards
Slate Products 


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of personalised products, and we try to make our personalisation process as easy as possible.

Please use the text box on the product page to enter your text before clicking 'Add to Cart'.

Please note we will duplicate your text exactly as you type it, including spelling, punctuation and grammar. Be sure that you have entered your information correctly. We do not take responsibility for any of these errors.

We reserve the right to lay out your text in a way most appropriate for the product being engraved/printed. Different lengths or word and sentence can drastically change how a design will fit on the page and we will do our best to ensure your personal wording looks as good as possible. Because of this, your product may look slightly different to the layout advertised.

We offer a free proof to all personalisation customers. If you require us to send you a proof, please check the box 'Proof Required' before checkout.
Manufacture and Shipping will be delayed automatically until we receive confirmation that the proof has been accepted and we can continue with processing your order.

We can engrave/print custom designs including company logos or specific font families not offered as standard. We reserve this option for bulk purchases however If you would like to enquire about this service please visit our sister site


Our T-Shirts are made in Soft-Syle ring-spun 153 gsm cotton with taped neck and shoulders and twin needle stitched making then durable and comfortable.

The high-cotton count of these T-Shirts makes them very soft, but can also result in some slight shrinkage if incorrectly cared for.
We recommend washing at 30 and air drying your garment. Not only is it good for your T-Shirt, it’s also good for the planet!

All of our t-shirts are made to order and dispatched in house, ensuring that each one is thoroughly inspected before shipping to ensure you get the best quality items.

Please note that each screen shows t-shirt colours slightly differently and as such the colour may differ slightly to what you see on screen.

Mirrors and Signs.

Our mirrors are all made from mirrored acrylic and are highly durable. Acrylic will not shatter like glass and is significantly lighter. It can crack with a significant impact however, and if cracked can still be sharp.

We ship our mirrors with a protective film covering the front. This film may make the mirror appear scratched: this means it’s done it’s job! Simply peel back the film to reveal your nice shiny mirror.

Do not clean your mirror with abrasives or glass cleaners and certainly do not scrub them! This is unnecessary and can result in ‘fogging’ ‘swirling’ and light scratches.. A simple dust with a lint-free cloth will suffice, and use a soft sponge and mild soapy water for any stubborn marks.

Our signs are cut in furniture-grade ply or soft wood. We varnish and wax them prior to shipping.

We do not supply fixings as this is dependent on the application and surface.

The following is advisory only and is not an instruction. We take no responsibility for damage or injury caused by improper mounting.

We have found in our own homes that a reliable fixing for mirrors and signs are 3M’s ‘command strips’. These are unobtrusive and allow your mirror to be removed with little residual marking or damage to walls.

If you require a permanent, secure fixture, a high strength adhesive such as ‘No-More-Nails’ should adhere to our acrylic.

With any fixative solution used, please refer to the manufacturer's safety instructions and product information to ensure it is appropriate for your specific needs.

Our acrylic can be drilled to accept screws, but this is done at your own risk and we will not accept liability for any damage caused by drilling or modifying our products.


Our boxes are made form a neutral, untreated softwood.

We deliberately leave them untreated when they leave our warehouse, so that you can apply your preferred finish if you so choose. They will be fine left untreated however you may wish to consider the following:

-To keep the natural look of you box, but enhance the grain, try a neutral paste-wax. We like to use Briwax. This will add a degree of waterproofing to your box.
-To make your box even more unique, you could use a tinted or coloured wax or wood dye. Your laser-etched design will still show up, and may even be enhanced.Please follow the manufacturers instructions.
-You could lacquer or varnish your box. if you choose to do this, please avoid getting lacquer into the hinges or catches as this will impede operation.
- The wood we use is quite porous and we do not recommend using oil-based finished such as danish, tung or linseed oil.

Chopping Boards

All of our chopping boards are made of either Hevea or Acacia. Hevea wood is a byproduct of the rubber industry; when the rubber (hevea) tree no longer produces they are no longer burnt, but felled and milled for lumber. Acacia is a rapid-growing invasive species and happens to produce a beautiful grained timber. Both of these timbers are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Our boards are treated with a food-safe oil prior to being sent to you.

We urge you to not place your chopping board in the dishwasher or soak the chopping board as this can cause warping and cracking and the use of soaps of any kind will certainly remove the protective oil finish.
To clean your chopping board, we recommend a combination of course salt and lemon.

What You Need

Half of a lemon
Coarse salt
Bench scraper
Warm water
Sponge or cloth


Apply salt: Sprinkle the cutting board with coarse salt.
Scour the surface: Using a lemon half with the cut side down, scour the surface, squeezing slightly to release the lemon juice as you go.
Let sit, then scrape off: Let sit for 5 minutes, and then scrape the gray, dirty liquid into a small bowl using a bench scraper or kitchen knife, and discard.
Rinse: Give the surface a gentle rinse with a clean wet sponge.
Oil: oil the surface with a food safe oil. You can buy specials chopping board oils or use good quality olive or sesame oil.
Please note: This process explained above is advisory only. Cleaning and maintaining your board is undertaken at your own risk. UK Homeware does not take any responsibility for damage caused to the product cause by the actions of the owner.

Slate Products

Slate is a natural stone product made of many layers of material. These layers are often very thin and can chip with impacts towards the edge of the product. Occasionally, these edges can be sharp- stone age man used to make tools out it! We make every effort to ensure there are no sharp edges and that your product is packaged securely to avoid breakages.
Slate is also susceptible to light coloured scratches- the Victorians used it as a notepad! These are no worry though as they should rub out with a damp cloth.

Please don’t soak your slate or place it in the dishwasher. Water can be absorbed into the stone causing cracks and breakage. Dishwashers high-heat can also damage your product.

We like to rub a little food-safe oil or even paste-wax into our slate at home to help protect it, but this is done at your own risk.